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Vinyl Garden Compost Bin – Product Review by stephanieoleary
June 18, 2009, 2:22 PM
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The Vinyl Garden Compost Bin is both attractive and functional. It is the ideal size for composting and yVinyl_Garden_Compost_Binou don’t have to worry about any awful smells being released into the air. This vinyl compost bin will not be an eye sore in any yard with its simple, sleek, and modern look.

The Vinyl Garden Compost Bin – which if made right here in the U.S.A – features removable front rails and handle cutouts that make it much easier to handle when adding and removing compost.

The bin is constructed of the highest quality vinyl, which contains a very high concentration of Titanium Dioxide. Titanium Dioxide is a powerful UV stabilizer that prevents the bin from the sun’s harmful rays. You will never need to worry about any cracking, peeling, or rotting. This is great because it never needs to be painted, stained, or sealed. It’s practically maintenance free!

The Vinyl Garden Compost Bin will make a great addition to any backyard. Once you have your composter, you will start saving money by using your own scraps and yard waste to make compost. Since compost is considered one of the best soil additives and one of nature’s best mulches, it will help you to have your greenest garden to date!


Terra Composter – Product Review by stephanieoleary
June 11, 2009, 4:42 PM
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The Terra Composter is one of the highest quality made composters on the market today. It’s comprised from roto molded plastic that is built to last you a lifetime. This plastic is very durable and lightweight – you will never have to worTerra_Composterry about it cracking or fading.

The Terra Composter has a 45 gallon capacity and is a complete system that comes with its own mixing shovel and storage case. There is a locking lid that helps to preserve the contents and holes for aeration that help to move the break down process along quicker.

To install your Terra Composter, you will need to find an area that is solid and flat. It’s also important that it is placed in a location that gets a lot of sun to help promote the decomposition of your compost. Lastly, all you will need to do is to start putting your compost waste into the barrel – it’s that easy!

This composter is available in two great different colors – terracotta and chocolate. It’s not a composter that youComposter need to be embarrassed or ashamed of – it’s actually quite good looking! With its simple and sleek look, you’ll be able to display it proudly in your backyard. You won’t have to worry about this composter being an eyesore!

Also, there is a door located at the rear of the barrel that allows for easy access to your compost. The rear door design makes it difficult for any pests and rodents to enter the bin. 

The Terra Composter is a simplistic composter that gets the job done. Its simple design helps to make composting extremely easy and efficient. Whether you are a beginner or an old pro at composting, this composter will work great for you!

Kitchen Compost Pail – Product Review by stephanieoleary
May 29, 2009, 3:10 PM
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Sometimes composting isn’t as easy or fun as you would hope. Especially for those who don’t have a yard that can contain a large outdoor composter. Well guess what? There’s hope! For some people, it can be a big hassle to have to drag out your garbage and scraps to the Kitchen_Compost_Pailcomposter every time you have something that can be composted. Well, don’t think you are the only one. The Kitchen Compost Pail is here for a reason!

The Kitchen Compost Pail is shaped like a traditional outdoor metal can. This pail can easily be placed anywhere in your kitchen. It features a tightly closing lid and a wide, easy-to-carry handle – perfect for trips to an outdoor composter! The lid features a series of flower-shaped vent holes – but don’t worry – the Kitchen Compost pail also comes with two replaceable carbon odor pouches. These pouches control any bad odors that might try to escape from your pail. Lastly, the pail is finished in a white enamel powdercoat that will easily blend in with any homes décor.

The Kitchen Compost Pail works pretty similar to any larger composter that you would have outside. You are just starting the process a little bit sooner. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is place your vegetable and plant waste (and any other compostable materials, see Composting Fundamentals) into the pail. Keep the pail in your kitchen until it is full – the carbon pouches eliminate any bad odors that may try to emit from the pail. Once your pail is full, then you can transport it to your outdoor composter. What’s nice about the kitchen pail though – is that it will start the composting process before you take your materials outside!

So for those of us that do not have a lot of (if any) outdoor space for a composter, we can compost small amounts at a time for our potted plants or mini gardens. For those who already have a composter, this small pail will save you numerous trips out to the composter, and help start the breakdown process sooner!

Compost Converter – Product Review by stephanieoleary
May 12, 2009, 4:16 PM
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At home composting is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to enrich your garden and soil. The 58 gallon Compost Converter helps to make it even easier. Available in green or black, this compost barrel is strong, simple and rigid in construction. The barrel is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years. It is comprised completely of recycled plastic that is fade-resistant and requires absolutely no assembly.

The Compost Converter was designed to create the best possible composting environment. The sun’s heat is easily absorbed by the dark color Compost_Converterof the plastic, which helps to create a warm environment internally to assist in successful composting.

This particular composter has air slots that provide the proper ventilation needed to successfully help the breakdown process of your compost. The easy slide hatch located near the bottom at the front of the composter makes for easy access to your composting material. It also has a windproof lid – you will never have to worry about it opening due to unstable weather conditions.

Have a beautiful garden while aiding efforts to reduce landfill, space, and volume. The Compost Converter makes it simple and easy throughout your composting process!

Roto Composter – Product Review by andreaselaty
May 7, 2009, 3:16 PM
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Although a conventional homemade compost pile will get the job done, it can take years to get ready to use compost and it’s a whole lot of work.  Recently, innovators have started to develop home composters to make composting convenient, easier, and a bit safer than a basic pile.  Using a barrel can also provide you with much quicker access to ripe fertilizer.  A compost barrel can speed up the process and sometimes get it down to just a few weeks rather than years with a pile and a shovel.

The Roto Composter is constructed of durable 100% recycled polyethylene plastic and measures 36" x 28" x 31", and holds 12 cu. ft. of material.  A large 16 inch twist off lid located at the top of the rain barrel provides easy access for dropping in kitchen scraps and recyclable yard waste.  It also adds the security of knowing children and small animals won’t be able to fall in. 

In order to get the most out of your roto compostercompost barrel, you need to turn the compost regularly.  The large capacity composter rotates on a stable, wheeled base ensuring that the nutrients in the developing compost is evenly distributed.  The rotating drum can be removed from it’s base and rolled to desired area for filling or dispensing.  Recessed handles on the sides of composter provide gripping points for conveniently turning the batch.  A good batch of compost needs air to accelerate the process so there are 72 end air vents and a two-way breather valve on the lid to provide air movement from end to end and throughout the composting batch.

This composter will arrive in two pieces and is so simple to set up. Simply set the drum on top of the base, and you’re ready to start turning your yard waste and kitchen scraps into beneficial compost for your garden. The Roto Composter allows you to easily turn material that would have originally ended up in the garbage, into nutritious fertilizer.

Green Solar Cone Composter– Product Review by stephanieoleary
April 29, 2009, 3:25 PM
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Composting has never been as easy as with the Green Solar Cone Organic Digesting Composter. With the Green Solar Cone Composter, you will be able to eliminate your kitchen waste AND reduce your family’s trash by up to 20%!

Another great aspect of the Green Solar Cone Composter is that it is beneficial to the environment. By using it, you can help conserve landfill space and you are able to dispose of food waste immediately. This solar-heated composter will safely eliminate all cooked and uncooked food waste, which in turn will keep your remaining household waste clean and ready for recycling. The Green Solar Cone Composter breaksGreen_Solar_Cone_Composter food waste down to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide, and a small residue. Included with the composter is a kitchen caddy (for easy trips outside with your food waste) and accelerator powder (to help speed up the composting process).

The Green Solar Cone is a four-part injection molded unit made completely from recycled plastic. It has a lower base unit basket that is installed below ground. There is a black inner cone that is located inside the outer green plastic cone. The patented design of this composter utilizes a solar heating effect between the inner and outer cones to promote air circulation, which aides in the growth of micro-organisms that contribute to the composting process. You will want to choose a sunny location for your composter. The warmer it is – the quicker the composting process will begin.

Having a composter is an earth-friendly, easy-to-use, efficient household tool that will always help reduce and eliminate the problem of food disposal. Over 90% of the waste material in the Solar Green Cone is absorbed safely as water by the soil and it  only needs to be cleaned out once every few years when you treat it with care.

Once you receive your Green Solar Cone Composter and follow the few easy steps for assembly – you will be ready to compost! You can make a big difference in your own home and yard by simply composting instead of throwing all of your organic kitchen waste in the trash. Save the earth and money at the same time!

Sun-mar garden composter – product review by stephanieoleary
April 22, 2009, 4:46 PM
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Owning a garden composter can make a big difference in a homeowner’s life. One of the biggest aSunMar_Garden_Composterdvantages of having a compost tumbler is that it takes in organics from the top and tumbles them daily. Owning a composter also helps t o lower buildups at garbage dumps and will help you reduce your water bill – compost helps soil retain water a lot more efficiently!

The Sun-Mar Garden Composter is a top of the line composter that is available in two different sizes: 50 and 100 gallons. This composter is pest proof – you will never have to worry about any rodents or other animals crawling in. It also has a patented double drum design and uses hyper-thermophylic microorganisms to help break down your garbage in a constant tumbling fashion. One of the great aspects of this outdoor composter is that there is never any need to empty it and start over – it releases a constant flow of humus out the exit hatch on the side when full!

How it works:

The Sun-Mar is very easy to use, and it’s even easier to assemble! All you need to do is snap the cradle on to the drum bearing and then you’re ready to go!

Once you have your Sun-Mar composter assembled, you can start feeding it kitchen scraps, weeds, leaves, etc. The materials go in through easy access ports located at  the top of the composter. Once you have your compost inside of the drum, you will need to rotate it a few times. There is a back-saving ball bearing which makes for easy tumbling.

Compost will begin exiting automatically from the bottom port as the drum rotates. As the drum rotates, compost moves along the outer drum and then back throughout the entire inner drum before it leaves through the output port. Another highlight of this composter is that it is completely fork, shovel, and tool free!

If you ever find that the compost in your barrel is dry, you will want to spray it with water to add moisture. It’s also important to keep the composter warm – usually just being out in the sun will work just fine.

With the Sun-Mar Garden Composter you can help reduce the amount of garbage being sent to the landfill each year – and have free, organic fertilizer forever! There’s no better way to go green than with the Sun-Mar Garden Composter.